Coaching and Mentoring To Help Market Your Business

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 04 2018

Coaching and Mentoring To Help Market Your Business

This past week my wife and I celebrated a HUGE milestone as we surpass 25,000 orders from our website that I built years ago! This is one of my earlier websites that I built and I built it from scratch using Yahoo's "Merchant Solutions Store". The cost to operate this one website is about $100 a month for the Yahoo Store plus another $25 a month for my merchant account so I can accept credit cards, so my total monthly fees are about $125 a month.

Coaching and Mentoring To Help Market Your Business

The reason I am sharing the costs to operate my website is so you can understand and really appreciate the $20 monthly fee that it costs to operate our Preloaded Websites and you get multiple sites.

Coaching and Mentoring To Help Market Your Business

Please understand I'm not sharing this image to brag about how successful we have been, I am sharing this because I want to be sure you understand the value of the "Coaching and Mentoring" that we provide when you partner with Preloaded Websites.

When someone calls me for information about our business opportunity I usually tell them this:

"No matter what Internet company you partner with, your income will depend on how well you market your business to produce sales. If you don't know how to market your business you will end up doing one of THREE things.

1) You will try to figure it out yourself and either lose your shirt or get frustrated and quit.

2) You will end up paying a company to help you market your business which is very expensive.

2) Your will partner with a company that offers FREE coaching and mentoring to help you market your business."

Just like any other business, in order to have a successful online business you have to have proper training. The best part about our Preloaded Websites is that we offer an amazing training system anywhere in the world that we do business in. I truly feel this is what separates us from most other companies and I also feel that most people undervalue the benefit of the coaching and mentoring that I personally offer to all our business partners. Above that, our corporate company also offers training & support both online and live training. So if you're looking for an Internet business that provides training and support, look no further.

Have you ever wondered "Can I make MONEY online?"

Ready within 24 hours, our Preloaded Websites are the perfect solution for anyone looking for an online business opportunity. Starting an online business has never been easier. We've been helping entrepreneurs since 2009. You too can BE SUCCESSFUL online using a SIMPLE online solution that virtually anyone can do.


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