Facebook Tip Sharing On Relevant Groups

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 03 2018

Facebook Tip Sharing On Relevant Groups

FACEBOOK TIP! For those of you that want to get more likes on your Facebook pages, be sure to "SHARE" your posts with relevant groups that you belong to. It's very important that you SHARE it from your Facebook page because when you share it from your page, three things happen.

1. You are exposing your posts
2. You are exposing your Facebook profile
3. Most importantly you are exposing your Facebook page.

Do this every day at the best time for sharing and you will get more followers on your profile and more likes on your page.

Facebook Tip Sharing On Relevant Facebook Groups 

On most Facebook groups, you’re encourage to:
- Ask questions
- Share a testimonial
- Provide answers
- Give feedback
- Connect and participate

Your goal is to get that engagement. Once you get followers you can message them just to say "thank you" for the follow and you may say something like "look forward to connecting on Facebook. Once you get "LIKE" on your Facebook page no they will begin seeing more of your posts and learn what your all about or what you offer.

For more Facebook tips and business tips, be sure to check out our Business Tips category section above.

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