Getting Alerts From Facebook Groups Tip

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 02 2018

Getting Alerts From Facebook Groups Tip

Are Your Getting Alerts From Facebook Groups?

We wanted to create this post because we want to be sure that everyone understands how to receive alerts from Facebook group posts. To be sure you get all alerts, go over to your favorite Facebook group page and be sure that "ALL POSTS" is checked under the notifications tab (as shown below). You will also want to do this with any other Facebook groups that you belong to that you want to also receive alerts.

 Getting Alerts From Facebook Groups Tip

Facebook groups are a great resource and tool to learn more about what you offer and to connect with other members of your group.

In most Facebook groups, you're encourage to:

- Ask questions
- Share a testimonial
- Provide answers
- Give feedback
- Connect and participate

Hope this was helpful. We look forward to for your comments.

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