Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 04 2018

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Your help is needed to help Hurricane Harvey victims. Michele and I have partnered up with our friend and Country Artist Mark McKinney and his wife Cassie along with CONQUER Entertainment and to create an EASY way we can all help Hurricane Harvey victims.

100% of the items will be put into the hands of Port Aransas residents.

By clicking the link below, you can purchase items such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, diapers, batteries, etc....Ship them to the address shown Mark & Cassie will deliver them straight to hurricane victims and their families.

Visit our Hurricane Harvey Benefit Page
Select Products, Add to Cart, SHIP TO the following address:
Hurricane Harvey Benefit
6117 York Bridge Circle
Austin Texas 78749

When Mark McKinney wrote “United State of Texas” he never imagined that the video that accompanied the song would look anything like this. He realized although it shows the devastation it also spotlights the HEROS.

Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread, catastrophic flooding and damage in Texas and along the Gulf Coast. Conquer Entertainment and have created a way for all of us to help the residents of Port Aransas, Texas. We are accepting desperately needed items to help residents recover and rebuild. 100% of the items purchased will be placed into the hands of residents.

They have seen thousands of refugees from the Gulf Coast head towards Austin and Central Texas EVERY DAY this past week. Many of them have lost everything, including their jobs and businesses and it may take them MONTHS before they’re able to get back on their feet. For Port Aransas with only 3,500 residence this small town is resilient and will bounce back but not without our help.

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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