How Secure Is Your Job, Microsoft Lays Off 18000

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 03 2018

How Secure Is Your Job, Microsoft Lays Off 18000

If we learned anything with this weeks news that Microsoft will be firing 18,000 employees, it really makes you think " How secure is your Job?"

Now more then ever we need a Plan B as Microsoft lays off 18,000 people. In today’s economy, it seems that no job is safe – even if you work for a well-established company like Microsoft. The U.S. has transitioned from a job economy into a ENTREPRENEURIAL economy. As many of you have seen by now, the tech giant announced they are laying off some 18,000 workers – which represents a staggering 14% of their entire full-time workforce. This is the tech industry’s fourth largest layoff ever. I think this is one of the largest job cuts in history. The layoffs are set to start for the first 13,000 positions immediately, and the full 18,000 will be terminated in the next six months.

How Secure Is Your Job, Microsoft Lays Off 18000

Since no job is truly safe – maybe it’s time you consider something other than a “job.” These resent Microsoft layoffs only further emphasize the need for people to cultivate a "Plan B" – so they can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing economy. Fortunately for us our "Plan B" has the capacity to change lives by generating a substantial ongoing income with Market America and SHOP.COM business opportunity.

Americans need to transition & WE HAVE THE ANSWER! We truly are an IDEA who's time has come. It would seem that even though the nation’s unemployment numbers have been improving, there’s still a tremendous need for people to have a Plan B!

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How secure is your Job? It just goes to show you, you never know and you should always have a "Plan B". Don't wait till it's too late. Our Internet business opportunity is for average people who don't want to be average any more!!! Ready within 24 hours, our turnkey business is a great way to start your Internet business.

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