Over 1000 Entrepreneurs Attend Training in Toronto

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 02 2018

Over 1000 Entrepreneurs Attend Training in Toronto

The power of working together. 9 years ago area leaders in Canada were happy if attendance reached 60 business owners and guests at their events. Today finding a venue is very difficult. Team Toronto is at a all time high of over 1,000 entrepreneurs attending events with potential future partners. There is definitely no sign of them slowing down. As their guest speakers this past weekend we were there to help them better understand their Internet business and share some strategies that have worked well for us. Our mission is to motivate and inspire them and to try something different. In doing so our lives have changed forever. The proper training and support is crucial when starting a business and this business is no different. Training will give you the opportunity fully understand all the websites that you receive, how to market them and how to take your business to the next level. We had moments that impacted us so deeply. I would like to share just a few.


The most astonishing moment for us was during the Friday night business overview. We like to show our guest that this is possible for them to do as well. By demonstrating who in the room is making money. We ask those who have made $1500 or more to join us on stage and tell everyone their name and their career background. The stage begin to fill and when there was no room left on our 15′ X 30′ stage. The business owners started to gather to the left and right of the venue. I weaved in and out giving several owners time to share there testimonials. I realized I would not have time for all. When I was coming in to close the evening, several people were trying to getting my attention. I was confused, did I forget something! What is going on. I quickly realized these were only the business owners who had received $1500 in commissions. I was in shock and needed a moment to process this information. I then began to recognize the accomplishments of owners who by working part time have generated $2600, 3,000, 4,500, 7,500, 10,000, 15,000, 18,000 and $25,000 and above in a 4 week pay cycle. After the event I realized how they accomplished their success in just a few short years. Training! The meeting after the meeting was so powerful. No one left the event. They gathered into groups sharing the nuggets they had learned and that they would be implementing. I was asked to speak in the center of one group. The energy from the people was so powerful I have truly have no words to describe this emotion.

As we entered the room for day 2 we realized more chairs had been added. We were told the line started forming before 8am. The seminar was not starting till 10am. With over 1,000 in attendance you could hear a pin drop in the room as we took the stage. The leadership team ran this event with professionalism and dedication. At the end of the day every seat was still full and the enthusiasm was still at a high. Questions were submitted and distributors were asked to join us on stage. One young man Darren from Team Modern Armour assisted us in answering a question. Before doing so he leaded over to Tony and asked if he could hug him. It was one of the most moving moments in my life. He did this to show how appreciative he was of what we shared.


Our training and support is what separates us from every other company out there. Just like any other business, in order to have a successful online business you have to have proper training. The best part about our preloaded websites is that they are backed by a company with the BEST training anywhere in the world. We offer training and support which is available 24/7 so you can learn everything you need to know to have a successful online business.

- Getting Started Guide
- Online Training Tools and Support
- Training and Seminar System (Both Online and Offline)
- Access To Our Facebook Training Groups
- Coaching and Mentoring
- Access to Audio Download Training Library
- Preloaded MP4 Device w/ Over 90 Hours Of Training Audios


Our Preloaded Websites are the perfect solution for anyone looking for an Internet business opportunity. Ready within 24 hours, our turnkey websites are a great way to start your Internet marketing business that gives you access to over 50 million products from over 3.500 affiliate stores such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Staples, Nordstrom, Travelocity, Best Buy, Victoria Secret and the list goes on!!

I leave with a strong feeling of Coming together is just the beginning, working together is progress but only when you keep together is that the true meaning of SUCCESS. Congratulations Team Toronto.

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