Preloaded Websites Business In California

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 01 2018

Preloaded Websites Business In California

Michele and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Polly to the TEAM and a BIG congratulations to Deuce aka JNetwork704 for expanding of his business in California. Get to know her: Hi: My name is Apollonia (Polly), I relocated from Kenya almost two decades ago. I am a full-time civil service employee that has a passion for shopping and fashion. My friends, family and co-workers count on me for shopping leads and trends therefore it was not difficult for me to make the decision to join America as a shopping consultant.

Preloaded Websites Business In California

I am very excited to have discovered a program that rewards shopaholics like me. I am also very grateful for all the resources available within the team and on Market America and especially the audio downloads. This company has everything that I was looking for! I discovered this company while searching for solutions for affiliate marketing. I was already involved in affiliate marketing and I was having difficulties with populating my website. I came across preloaded websites and that’s how I got HERE today.

I am a quick learner and I have very high enthusiasm. I am also very organized and I have a pleasant personality. I am familiar with social media and will definitely use it to the advantage of the team and myself. I BELIEVE in the mission and purpose of America. In fact, since joining almost 2 weeks ago, I am happy to report one preferred customer and many more to follow……

I LOVE this equation: shop buddy + deals + cash back + IBV + In-store pickup = $$$$$$ , Shopping Annuity and a peace of mind

Thank you for accepting me in your team.
Think Big, Think IBV!!!!!

We welcome her to our growing FR-amily

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