Slow Ride Home Shows Support For Veterans

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 03 2018

Slow Ride Home Shows Support For Veterans

"Slow Ride Home" Shows Support For Veterans. We make it simple to pay it forward for our veterans”. Little Texas is paying it forward with music,

Through organizations such as Faith Cares, which assist veterans in helping to cover costs in caring for their service dogs, we can accomplish this mission.

A Tribute to a Fallen Hero: While driving through Hays, Kansas on their way to a concert, Little Texas encountered an event that was so touching, so inspirational, and so moving they wrote the song “Slow Ride Home” in memory of CWO2 Bryan J. Nichols who lost his life in Afghanistan along with members of SEAL Team 6 and others. The song captured their experience on that momentous day.

The "sole" purpose of this video is not only to celebrate the memory of our brave men and women serving every day, who have served, and who have sacrificed so much, but also to give back.

Our friends at Conquer Entertainment and Preloaded Websites have joined forces and created a great way for us all to show appreciation for our military. The service dogs are helping vets everywhere to make the transition from warriors to civilians, and Faith Cares is doing a great job with it. Please support them HERE

Meet Elliott. He says, It does not have to be a holiday or a special occasion to support our Veterans. maCares/Faith Cares assists veterans by raising funds to cover the costs of continued care for their service dogs.

Please show your support here

And Send Donations To: Market America c/o Faith Cares 1302 Pleasant Ridge Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

Please share with all pet owners, friends, family, social media channels and especially veterans who have served, retired, are on active duty or in the reserves. WE SALUTE YOU!

Help Support maCares/Faith Cares; {CLICK HERE} visit our customized page to purchase an item needed for a service dog. Ship purchases to; Faith Cares 1302 Pleasant Ridge Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

For more info on the Faith Cares program visit ( —

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