The POWER Of The Email In Our Business

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 04 2018

The POWER Of The Email In Our Business

The POWER of the email address in our business is this weeks "Featured Testimonial." I had gotten a lead from a individual that was intrigued about our business opportunity back in Sept. 2015. Naturally the first thing I did was register him as my preferred customer before I followed up and sent him any info. One of the reasons I LOVE our website is that once you register someone as your preferred customer, they get LOCKED to you.

The POWER Of The Email Address In Our Business

Tonight (1 year and 5 months later) he must have been searching online and ended up to the corporate site to inquire about out business opportunity. Guess what, corporate sent that lead back to me because his email was already in the system connected to me. You don't find this type of technology on any other website!! #LoveMyBusiness

One of my other websites that I operate is Net2Fitness. In the last 19 years that website has generated over 100,000 customers that have made purchases. They find us online, they make a purchase and they go. Unless they remember our website or they bookmark our website chances are if they ever want to purchase another piece of fitness equipment, they would go to Google and search and most likely end up on someone else's website because we have NO WAY of locking them to us.

Now take that same scenario with our Preloaded Websites. When one of our customer wants to purchase one of our exclusive products as long as we have registered them including their email address you will get credit for the sale. Even if they forgot your website name, event if they search Google and end up on another distributor's website, the technology behind our websites knows that the customer is attached to you.

As soon as the customer adds the product to the shopping cart and starts the checkout process, they are prompted to add their email address, even if they select to check out as a guest. Once they add their email, the website AUTOMATICALLY redirects them to your website instantly because IT KNOWS it's your customer and you would get the sale for that order.

ALL our Preloaded Websites come equipped with sophisticated tracking technology that tracks every purchase that customers do insuring you get credit for your sales.


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