Trim Tea Distributors Needed To Market and Broker

Tony Molinaro

Posted on March 04 2018

Trim Tea Distributors Needed To Market and Broker

You know you're at the right place with the right company when our NEW Trim Tea sells out in under 15 minutes!

Can you imagine, selling out over 30’s of thousands of boxes in just minutes! Never in our 25 year company history have we seen anything like this! The demand for our TLS Trim Tea is unheard of and it’s just the beginning. We haven’t even scratched the surface of this product and the masses of people that we help.

Trim Tea Distributors Needed To Market and Broker

Anyone that wants to get more information on our Trim Tea or is interested in ordering, you can visit our website at Orders will be drop shipped in the order they are received so please don’t wait if you’re still on the fence about this product.

Because of this HUGE demand, we are currently looking for distributors to help market and broker our Trim Tea. If you know anyone who is passionate about weight loss, weight management, health and wellness that wants to take part of this amazing new weight loss tea distribution, please have them contact us immediately. 

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