How We Make Money

Watch This Video On How We Make Money!

This video will explain how we get paid with our business.

Get Started Today w/ The Fast Start Program – Introducing our brand new program. This new program allows you to be up and running quickly and easily in one simple step. With the Fast Start Program, you get all FIVE websites, you’re business is ready to go ON DAY ONE. Now you can do business from anywhere in the world.

Get access to over 2,500 exclusive products that you will earn between 30% to 45% retail profit plus commission on everything you sell and the company will drop ship everything to your customers.

Get access to over 50 million products from over 3,500 online affiliate stores that you will earn up to 50% cashback and commissions depending on the product and store!! “Plus your customers earn up to 50% cashback and a .5% on referrals to shop”.

How We Make Money


* Business Building Material
* Your FIVE Websites
* Earn 30%-45% retail profit plus commissions on everything you sell
* Your Merchant Account That Allows You To Accept Master Card Visa
* Your Shopping Cart
* Your Business Account
* Career Manual
* Getting Started Guide
* Access to Audio Download Training Library
* Preloaded MP4 Device
* Monthly Company Magazine
* Online Training Tools and Support
* Training and Seminar System (Both Online and Offline)
* Access To Our Facebook Training Groups
* Coaching and Mentoring


FREE Training & Support - This is what separates us from every other company out there, because we simply provide the best FREE training & support available. Our FREE training and support is available online 24/7 so you can learn everything you need to know to build a successful online business from the comfort of your home. For the individual that prefers live training, we also offer live training that is available all over the world in the countries that we are in.

Our training system will cover the fundamentals of building your business plus we will share with you how to use the tools provided to build your business plus we will share with you ways to market your business, create new customers, leverage social media and attract new partners.